Naturalist Perspectives Assignment 8: Conclusion

To finish off the Naturalist Perspectives portion of our course, please complete this assignment by May 5th, following the instructions below. As mentioned in class, this assignment will take the place of your final exam, so please be sure to work on it as thoroughly as possible.

  1. Visit Site Alpha and Site Beta one final time and perform an observation transect in each. Compare these transects to your previous transects and note what has changed. Determine which properties of life (if any) are involved in these changes.
  2. Write a blog post that summarizes your work for step 1.
  3. In the same blog post, discuss at least 5 of the topics we’ve covered this semester in terms of what you’ve encountered during the time you’ve spent outdoors. For example:
    • How can you explain an aspect of cell biology to someone by talking about an organism in Site Alpha or elsewhere?
    • How can you describe Site Alpha in terms of ecology concepts?

Be sure to use relevant key terms for each of the five topics. Feel free to draw upon the assignments and challenges you’ve worked through to complete this final assignment.


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