Naturalist Perspectives Challenge: Elements & Chemicals in the Landscape

You have two options for this challenge.

A. We haven’t talked about the movement of elements in ecosystems (e.g. the carbon cycle), but try to develop a sense for how non-carbon elements move through and change forms in your Site Alpha or another location. Pick at least 2 non-carbon elements and infer how they might be moving from one organism to another, or one place to another.

B. Find a place where you can safely identify the presence of a specific molecule; do not visit any areas that will pose health hazards. Do some informational research to figure out why this molecule is there; find out what the purpose of this molecule is and what consequences it can have for humans and wildlife. An example is shown above; while Spy Pond is a nice recreational area (with a playground, walking path, etc.), DDT is present in the water.

As usual, post a summary of your observations, information you’ve collected (from the internet or other resources) and your thoughts on the blog.


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