Naturalist Perspectives Assignment 2: Properties of Life in Site Alpha

Although we’re usually seeing properties of life all around us, this Naturalist Perspectives assignment asks you to look for specific properties of life in your Site Alpha as spring gets into gear. This assignment is due on April 3rd as a blog post on your blog.

  1. Return to your Site Alpha and repeat your observation transect and note
    • what has stayed the same,
    • what has changed and
    • what observations relate to properties of life.
  2. Find at least 3 examples of different properties of life during this visit to Site Alpha. If you can identify 3 different properties in your observation transect, you’re all set. If not, look for examples elsewhere in Site Alpha. This might be a little challenging as we’re still coming out of winter, but there is likely evidence of life in your Site Alpha.
  3. Write a blog post that starts with the date, time, location and weather conditions, then describes
    • what has changed and what has stayed the same in your observation transect and
    • the properties of life you saw at Site Alpha;
    • please include at least one photo in this blog post to provide some visual information about this visit to your Site Alpha.
  4. Comment on a classmate’s blog post; the comment can be on the previous assignment or challenge.

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