For 1/30: Boredom, Bass and Bricks

jh_boredbrilliant_AA_colormind_Marquee2Mindfulness is so 2014. Boredom is where it’s at in 2015.

To familiarize ourselves with elements of scientific inquiry, finish reading chapter 1 in your textbook and work through the 3 pieces of media below and note the following:

– What’s the hypothesis? Is it falsifiable?
– What are or should be the controls?
– What are the independent and dependent variables?
– Bonus: Are any properties of life involved? 

In our next class discussion, we’ll talk about what you’ve noted.

A. “Pump Up The Bass, Feel Like A Boss” from The All Things Considered 

B. Studio 360’s Science and Creativity episode “WANT TO BE CREATIVE? TRY GETTING BORED

1. Start to 5:03
2. 7:30 to the end

COh yeah. The Verge calls this is “proof” that Kool-Aid Man can bust through brick, but what do you think? What kind of reasoning did Vsauce use to come to its conclusion? Is inductive or deductive reasoning at work here? Is this an example of scientific inquiry?

Bonus: WNYC’s New Tech City (now Note To Self) podcast episode “Bored and Brilliant Challenge 2: Photo Free Day“. 


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